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Humanity’s Oedipus complex killing mother earth

posted Mar 17, 2018, 10:07 PM by Jake Vosloo   [ updated Mar 17, 2018, 10:30 PM ]

Each human is a cell of the organism we call humanity. Humanity was conceived on earth and we have been growing in the womb of our mother. She has been keeping us alive so that we can grow strong enough to survive on our own, strong enough to be born into life outside.

We have looked outside the womb and we saw it is cold and dark out there. We got scared and shrunk back into the womb, so comfortable with all our mother provides.

What happens to a mother if the child is never born, won’t she surely die?

Our mother has been providing us with food and air and cleaning our waste, but as we grow bigger and bigger, we are becoming too large for her and the waste we produce is poisoning her. What can we do?

To save our mother we can and must reduce the waste we produce. We must realise that we are meant to be born and our mother is feeding us to grow strong enough to live out there on our own strength.

The birth process has started, it is a slow process and we can make it easier or harder on ourselves and our mother. At some time in the future, when we can survive out there on our own, we will have to cut the umbilical cord with our mother to let her heal. If we do this, our mother will live a long and happy life and we can live alongside her.

If we do not, our mother will die, and we may die with her if our father doesn’t step in and help us…

Our father is the creator and he is waiting for us to be born into the universe for which we were conceived. If we let him, he will take care of us and our mother.

Our father has created us for more than just becoming the human organism called humanity. He has created us for more than just growing and filling the galaxies.

Our father has created us with a soul, and a choice. Our soul can choose to become part of an eternal spiritual being…