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Honey eye drops

posted Nov 13, 2015, 5:17 PM by Jake Vosloo   [ updated Nov 13, 2015, 5:24 PM ]
After having used both home made raw honey eye drops and Optimel, I can recommend the Optimel honey eye drops for .

Research is being conducted by a university on this:

It is available from Australian optometrists and online/ebay:

Home made honey eye drops

  1. Honey eye drops burn like fire, if it burns too much for you, dilute it. If it's been diluted, throw away after a few days because it will allow bacteria to grow. For this reason I use it in concentrated form and just live with the burn/sting which goes away quickly.
  2. The quality of the honey is a very important factor, medical grade manuka honey (Leptospermum spp) is best.
  3. Heat it until it is fully melted and check for any impurities, even the smallest grain of dust may scratch your eyes. 
  4. Sterilize the container as much as possible. ideally use a plastic pipette and sterilize it in a pressure cooker for an hour at 121 degree C.
  5. If you have manuka honey then heat sterilize it as follows: Put the clean honey into a sterilized plastic pipette and melt the tip shut. Then sterilize the filled pipette in a pressure cooker for an hour at 121 degree C. 
  6. Notes
    1. Non manuka honey is sensitive to heat and heat will destroy the active ingredients so you cannot sterilize it. Rather make a new batch from fresh honey every month.
    2. Honey from some flowers are dangerous, manuka honey has been tested by scientists, others have not.
    3. The commercial drops are safer than raw honey because it has been sterilized and any dirt and other contaminants have been removed from the honey. The contaminants can make a person blind.
    4. If you make something yourself, you are responsible for the result. If you don't want to take responsibility then buy the tested products.