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Australian PR for IT Professionals

posted May 3, 2016, 3:57 PM by Jake Vosloo   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 1:35 AM ]
If you're an IT specialist and want to immigrate to Australia with a permanent resident visa, you can either pay a consultant to guide you through the process or you can follow the instructions below. If you find these instructions need updating, please send me a notice through the contact me page. These instructions were last updated in 2015.

1. These instructions apply for visa 190 because Australia gives priority to visa 190 which is the regional sponsored visa as opposed to visa 189 which is the national visa. 

2. For regional sponsorship you must select a skill from one of the regional skilled occupation lists or csol but not from the Australia sol
    Each skill and its ANZSCO code is explained in detail at the asri occupations website
    Most importantly, find the national, state and territory skills shortage lists hidden on the linked page. You can also see how many people are being invited.

3. Once you have selected the skill you want to be certified for, go to the certifying authority website and complete the forms, pay about A$500. You must send the following supporting docs:
a. A signed references from each of your employers or company accountants for the past 10 years. (colour copy, certify, scan)
b. Your CV
c. All certificates you have. (colour copy, certify, scan)

4. Get unabridged Birth Certificate, marriage certificate(s) from your home government for you, your partner and dependents.

5. Write the IELTS exam, after getting online practice and going for training if needed.  Your partner should do the IELTS as well and you should include your dependents on your visa application.

6. Once you receive the skill certificate from the certifying authority:

a. Apply for EOI at

b. Request regional sponsorship at:

ii. South Australia

iii. And all the other states that list your skill on their shortage list.

c. Apply at your local police office for a Police clearance certificate (takes 8 weeks)

7. Once you receive an invitation from one of the states, cancel the other applications and go to EOI to convert your EOI into a Visa application

a. Pay A$5000
b. Print the Health assessment invitation and have it done at one of the registered clinics.
c. Attach all the following supporting documents (colour copy, certify, scan)
Evidence of Birth
Evidence of Character
Travel document
Evidence of Australian work experience
Evidence of Overseas work experience
Evidence of Identity
Evidence of English Language Ability
Evidence of Australian Qualifications
Evidence of Skills Assessment
Evidence of Health

8. Receive an email from your case officer and supply any other outstanding documents (3 weeks) 
They will ask for Form 80 (a detailed personal and family history) along with your Police Clearance certificate.

9. Receive your Visa.

10. Apply for jobs through contacts who are already there. You can also try online job websites but don't expect any quick results.

11. If you have enough money to support yourself for at least 6 months you can travel to Australia to apply for jobs there. If you travel on your own you can live quite cheaply in a backpacker hostel. Then after you found a job you can bring your family across.